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XML Preparation and Characterization of PDMS-SiO2-CuO Nanocomposite Coating on Stainless Steel and Its Super-hydrophobicity Property
Sh. Tavakoli dehaghi *, S. Darvishi, Sh. Nemati, M. Kharaziha
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XML Investigation of Isothermal and Cyclic Oxidation Behavior of Codeposited 430 Ferritic Stainless Steel with Aluminum and Titanium
M. Mahmoudi Saleh Abad, M. Zandrahimi, H. Ebrahimi far *
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XML A study on the Adsorption of Graphene/Graphene Oxide–reinforced Polymer ‎Nanocomposites using Reactive Molecular Dynamics
G. Pishevarz, H. Erfan Niya *, E. Zaminpayma
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XML A Comparative Investigation into Corrosion and Wear Properties of Zn-Ni and Zn-Ni/PTFE Coatings
M. Tafreshi, S. R. Allahkaram *, S. Mahdavi
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XML The Effect of Tartrate Ion on the Separation Behavior of Zinc and Cadmium in the Sulfate Solution
A. Vahedi, H. Nadimi, D. Haghshenas Fatmesari *, S. Firoozi
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XML Structural and Mechanical Evaluation of Polycaprolactone Scaffold with the Gradient Porous Microstructure for Bone Tissue Engineering
M. Akbari Taemeh, B. Akbari *, J. Nourmohammadi
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XML Optimization of the Selective Dissolution of Li from the Spent Li-ion Batteries using Oxalic Acid by a Response Surface Methodology
H. Mirzaaei ghasabe, A. Zakeri *, Sh. Mirdamadi, M. Ghorbanzadeh
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XML Investigation of the Optical Properties of GeO2-PbO-CaO-SrO Glass System in the Presence of Different Amounts of CaO and SrO
A. Baradaran, M. Tavoosi *
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